Bailey FUCKED 2 Positions and SWALLOW


Tia Tizzianni

American / Chicago, IL
12:32 min - Apr 27 - .AVI - 75.85 MB


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Gorgeous young Bailey was so horny she called her friend and FUCK BUDDY, Mr. Smith. Bailey knew he was good FUCKING her LONG AND HARD. Mr. Smith FUCKS her DOGGY STYLE and REVERSE COWGIRL. FUCKING long and hard gets Mr. Smith right to the EDGE. Bailey is super good with her mouth and tongue. She slowly licks the head of his COCK and soon Mr. Smith is squirting his LOAD into her gorgeous red LIPSTICKED lips. Bailey savors every drop and soon she is gargling with his CUM until she SWALLOWS every last sweet drop. ~ transformation and direction by Tia Tizzianni