Make Mother Proud



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This was a custom video for fan Johnny:: "Hi Jackie. I wonder if you could make me a JOI video similar to "It's Wrong to Fantasize About Your Mother". In this scenario, you would tell me you know when I was going through puberty there were times when my mother would knock on my bedroom door while I was masturbating and I would have to quickly pull up my pants and act like nothing was going on, but there was a part of me that sometimes wished she wouldn't knock and she would just walk in on me and catch me. You tell me to pretend she's watching me and stroke for her now. Any kind of "get hard/stroke for your mother" type talk would be great. You tell me you know she would be disappointed in the size of my cock and how quickly it shoots, but I can redeem myself by proving I can cum harder and blow a bigger load for her than any other woman. Maybe include a bit of teasing about how hard thinking about her is making me. If you could do a cum countdown at the end and then extend the encouragement for a while after the countdown ends, talking through the whole orgasm, it would be much appreciated. Maybe something along the lines of, "Come on Johnny, cum for your me how much your perverted little cock can shoot for her..." and then keep going, telling me to keep stroking and squirting for her until I have nothing left.&quot