Daughter Shows Daddy Her Playhouse by Ke


Kerri King

American / US
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Daddy, I know how happy it makes you when I come home. I pop up to visit on my break from school, in my newest cheerleading outfit..this one adorned for my main man..you! I lead you into my old bedroom, where I still keep my favorite dollhouse, and show you what new(and naughty) toys i've been storing there. I see that you are growing in your pants, so I take it upon myself to tease you and offer another plan so that we can ravage each other. After all, now that you and mom are divorced, there is nothing holding us back! I taunt you with my sexy pleated skirt, tiny crop top then handbra, and of course show my sweet Daddy my upskirt perfection. Naturally, I will need a little bit more money for school and going out with my friends, but you are happy to oblige if it makes your sweet, horny girl happy. Let's play, Daddy...i've missed you...all of you