BTS: a retake before final vid

100 5.0
100 5.0
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PokePride87 - Top reviewer Jun 27 2017
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A very nice BTS sneak peak of Miss Kitty. Love seeing her crawl on the bed so you can get a good glimpse of the always sexy legs in thigh highs!

IamHuman - Top reviewer Apr 27 2017
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Looks like shes a perfectionist

I dont remember why I even stopped and started again but here is a short video. This is what I go through lol Im sharing this in hopes that I am not alone Normally I edit out the very beginning when I start the music and do final adjustments, but since this is a short retake I left it as is. Often times I have 30sec clips I make before a video to adjust the camera angles and stuff, but this one is where I am actually starting the video. Sometimes I wont have a retake, some times I have many. Thankfully this one is just 2 of 3 lol. This is completely unedited. Leave a review if you watch this, Im curious to see how many people are interested in bloopers/BTS stuff. And since this video will be 100% free I wont know who watches/downloads it unless a review is left or if you told me you watched it. Sorry for the long ass intro, there is a reason I cut it out during edit
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