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Happy Anniversary, Mom


Bettie Bondage

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Your mom is always fighting with your father, even on their anniversary. He's been cheating for years, but on their wedding anniversary? You walk in on her crying on the bed after hanging up on him. You tell her that you'll stay in with her tonight, keep her company on her anniversary. She tells you that you don't have to do that - so sweet of you, but she doesn't want you staying out of pity. You reassure her that you'd love to stay. You can tell she needs you. You talk about everything. Even things that you maybe shouldn't. She tells you how scared she is of leaving your dad, how she doesn't think she could find someone else. She doesn't know if she could flirt or be sexy. You tell her what you've always thought, that she is sexy. She blushes and your eyes fall to her chest. She's breathing a little more rapidly and her soft, pillowy breasts are nearly pouring out of her top. You get the urge to reach out and touch her but instead you just stare. She notices you, noticing her. Wanting her. She can tell you're looking at her with lust and you can see a struggle rising in her eyes, whether she should act on these thoughts. You're her son, after all... When she finally reaches down and touches your hardness, you want to roll her over and mount her. Take her. Show her how sexy and wanted she still is, but she backs away immediately. It's wrong, she insists. We can't touch each other! She says. Well, what about if we don't touch each other? Just watch? You grin as your mother's hand falls between her thighs and begins to rub over her white cotton panties, while you begin to stroke your cock. She's gone, consumed by her lust for her own son, the second she starts to play with herself. You watch, stroking, as she takes her panties off and passes them to you, telling you to wrap them around your cock and jerk for her. You can smell her on them, feel her wetness. You can't wait to cum all over your mother's dirty, wet panties. **These panties will be for sale in my store