Secret Filming of Leather-Loving Blonde

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We are between shoots and no one is watching, or so Jasmine thinks...YOU'RE WRONG, JASMINE! We've rigged up HIDDEN SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS in the dressing room! So as Jasmine changes out of her leathers, we capture it all on video. And now you can see this secret footage too... Totally unaware she is being filmed, we see Jasmine strip COMPLETELY NAKED out of her first pair of leathers. Putting on a new PAIR OF SKINTIGHT LEATHER PANTS, Jasmine can't help feeling herself all over. As you watch you'll see how she is a total leather-lover. With no one around, Jasmine can't resist some playtime... She pulls out a vibrating wand that we have left for another scene. She wedges it between her thighs so it pushes hard against her leather-clad crotch! The tight leather pants strain wonderfully front and back as Jasmine RIDES THE WAND TO ORGASMS! It's Jasmine's dirty little secret that no one will ever know, or so she believes... Now, get your hands on this secretly filmed video that Jasmine never knew existed! CONTAINS NUDITY AND SEXUAL SCENES