Messy Foot Splosh

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We’re going to have some nice messy foot fun today with lots of peanut butter and strawberry jam! You watch as I get the tub ready with several jars of PB and a couple of jars of jam. But before the sploshing begins I hold my bare feet up to the screen to show you how clean they are to start with. Then I slowly slide my feet in one by one. You can hear the squelching, gooey mixture oozing around as I play. Mixing and swirling until you can see my little feet anymore. Pulling them out of the tub the peanut butter mix is dripping off them. I can’t help but hold them up to your face for a closer look. This is a custom and includes the name Andrew. INCLUDES: BRITISH MISTRESS, SPLOSHING, WET & MESSY, FOOD FETISH, FOOT FETISH, BAREFEET, DIRTY FEET, FEMDOM & FETISH