Fucked Hard by Balloon Daddy! w/ Layla

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I love your looner content, especially the popping. Please keep it coming.

Here we see Layla getting down to business, masturbating on one of her many large balloons. Vibrating her soaking wet pussy, sitting on a big cattex doll she is getting real turned on. She starts talking dirty and begging for cock... and the camera guy is there to step in and give her a hand with that! She is slightly surprised at first, but after she sees how hard his cock is, she is back to begging for cock! Soon she is getting pounded on top of her big cattex doll. Soon, the sex starts getting harder and the loon pops beneath them... but this is far from over, as Layla has plenty more balloons! So they move on to having sex with her bent over one of her favorite loons, a nicely inflated vintage qualatex 24" star print! He keeps pounding away and soon they move to another favorite loon of hers, a nice big GL-500! He bends her over it, and really starts to bang her out good! Slamming his hard cock in and out of her she finally is begging him to cum all over her balloon! SO after she cums, he pulls out and she jerks him off all over the 24" star balloon! This is 2 hot looners having hot sex! This is what you want