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BBC DP me to pay my boyfriends debt - HD

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Emmas Secret Life

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8,003 5.0
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do either of these guys cum in you?

olddogjm Apr 28 2017

Oh my!.  This will be one of the five for voting for the Freaky Fairies.  Go Emma go.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Apr 29 2017
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The video we've all been waiting for, seeing this hot and kinky little perv sandwiched between these two big dudes is so hot. I think that this is the hottest video on MV right now. We're all hoping there will be more, hmm looking into my crystal ball I see a gang bang someday. LOOOOL Just joking, I guess :))))))

Ha I am so down for a gangbang!! Thank you so much for your review!! 😘

LYON18555 - Top reviewer Apr 28 2017
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Double Penetration. Some people say DP but I'm a big believer in the full name, its sounds more nasty and tells exactly whats gonna happen. Take Emma here for example, her first real Double Penetration on video (that I'm aware of) where she take a BBC in her wet little pussy and her tight wriggling ass...can't really sum that up with DP can you? :P
If you are a Emma fan this is a MUST for your collection, hell even if your not this video is worthy enough for anyone's personal harem of spank! The video wastes no time starting with emma in one of her fine battle body stockings and immediately gets to work devouring those dicks like there the last shes going to get for a while. Then the Double Penetration...her facial and body reaction as she's getting fucked in both holes is erotic alone. The finisher where she eats the cum off her stomach and hungrily sucks the last few drops out of there perfect. Somehow I feel I am never gonna tire watching this

Thanks so much! Love reading your reviews! 😘

mouser01 Apr 28 2017
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Emma has outdone herself with this one!!! she is a special lady... hot as hell, and willing to go the extra mile for you!

Thank you so much! ❤

yorktown_33 - Top reviewer Apr 28 2017
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Another great video from gorgeous hottie Emma. Love the three BBC videos you have made and hope to see many more.

Thanks so much! 😘

1bigperv Apr 29 2017
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Tiny white girl vs 2 big black guys = hott. Emma proves she a anal whore for BBC.

Thank you! 😘

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Perhaps Emma's hottest video apart from customs that fit individual fantasies? This is everyone's fantasy, a beautiful petite white girl thoroughly fucked in every hole by two big black guys. Her hot body looks even hotter when it is sandwiched between these big guys, and the sex is intense. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, DP, spit roasted, it is all here, with a hungry cum eating finale

Thank you so much!! ❤️

olddogjm - Top reviewer Jul 4 2017
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Emma is once again being a good girlfriend and taking care of her boyfriends debt. She takes on 2 BBC. Emma is energic throughout, whether giving blowjobs, doing anal and DP. Fans of BBC need to get this clip. Maybe Emma isn't such a good girlfriend, but enjoys BBC way too much..

Thank you so much!! 😘

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Great scenario and very intense sex!

Thank you!! 😘

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) My boyfriend still has not been able to pay his debt so I meet up with the guys he owes hoping to just give them blowjobs to buy him more time. I start sucking them but they want more this time and I know I have to do it! I climb up on one of the BBC and let him fuck me, then he grabs and spreads my ass wide open and tells his friend to stick his big black dick in my white ass. It hurts so bad and tell them to stop, but they just keep telling me I need to pay the debt. Their cocks are so big and fill me up so much that I start to really enjoy it and I tell them I love their big black cocks. We switch to one BBC fucking my ass while the other fucks my face and I tell them that I want to do this even if their is no more debt to pay. I now want to be a whore for their big black cocks. We finish with a big cumshot on my stomach and I scoop up the cum and eat it while I suck the last few drops out of his dick as I love the taste of my ass juices. (This is Part 2 of Sucking 2 BBC to pay my boyfriends debt
BBC DP Tryout
Emmas Secret Life
American / United States
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Emmas Secret Life
American / United States
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