Freebie Tuesday

Nyxon Is Your Satin Giantess

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You are completely enamored by the tall, shiny giantess before you. You keep sneaking into her home, hoping that she'll notice you, and today is your lucky day. Giantess Nyxon thinks it's adorable how little, and tiny you are. She even comments that she loves it when little itty, bitty men sneak into her home. She's feeling playful, so she raises a large, nylon clad foot & hovers her sole over you. She loves the rush she feels knowing that in one quick stomp, she can smash you into nothing. After teasing you with her foot, she turns around to show off her large, round shiny ass to you. She lowers herself so that you can get a closer look, but quickly stands back up because you got a bit too close. Next, she lifts up her long, black, shiny slip, showing off the garters that are holding up her stockings. Still unsure of what to do with you, but still feeling playful, Nyxon reaches her hand down & picks you up. She holds you in front of her face, watching you quiver with fear, and she muses about what it might be like if she were to swallow you. First, she'd put you into her large, cavernous mouth. Then, after swishing you around & getting you nice and soft, she'd swallow you whole & feel you going down her long throat into her stomach. But, Nyxon isn't feeling very hungry right now, so she sets you back down, turns around, and lowers her large ass onto you, smashing you until you stop moving