Red Spandex JOI

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Nyxon knows that you are obsessed with her spandex covered body, and while you're looking at her, she wants to inspire you a bit further. First, she instructs you to unbutton your pants & let them drop to the floor. Then, she tells you to go ahead & grab your hard cock through your shorts, and give it a good squeeze. Now that your dick is aching for her, drop your drawers, spit on your palm, and wrap your hand around your cock. She tells you to start stroking, but make sure you keep it slow. She has a special surprise for you at the end, and she doesn't want you to blow your load too soon. Up & down..... up & down. Now, take your finger & play with the sensitive tip of your cock. Nyxon knows that you're all riled up as you stare at her large, perfect, shiny ass, and she wants to make sure that you're ready for her when she wants you to pop. Now, go ahead & start stroking some more.... you can even go a little faster this time. Nyxon places her spandex covered soles in front of your face, and tells you to go even fast still. Ready to cum? On Nyxon's count, she wants you to blow your load all over her shiny ass whenever she reaches 1.... 10.... 9... 8... 7.... will you be able to last until the end