Freebie Tuesday

Taken Tied and Fucked Part 1

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Part 1 opens up with our intruder breaking into Nyxon's front door, and creeping down her hallway & into her bedroom. He sees her fast asleep, and he wakes her up only to place his hand over her mouth to subdue her. When Nyxon comes to, she's tied on her bed, frogtied, blindfolded with rope, and a large ring gag in her mouth. She struggles around whimpering, and the intruder gets onto the bed with her, and starts to play with her a little bit. He rubs her crotch through her black satin panties, and then pulls her huge tits out of her nightie & gropes them a bit as well. Nyxon tries to struggle & protest, but he just doesn't care. He spreads her legs apart, climbs on top of her, and humps her for a moment, then tells her that it's time for the second part of his evil plan. The next scene has Nyxon on her belly & tied spread eagle on the bed. The rope blindfold is still on her, and the large ring gag is still in her mouth. Nyxon struggles trying to get away, but the man has her tied so tightly that she will never get away from him. He gropes & plays with her some more, but now he's ready to get down to business. He walks around in front of her, pulls his dick out of his pants, and shoves it into her gagged mouth. Nyxon protests & begs him to stop, but her drool makes her gagged mouth extra slippery, and the man just keeps shoving his cock into her mouth, loving every minute of it. After a few minutes, he gets up, removes his pants, and gets behind her on the bed. Now he's ready to get down to some real business. He removes her crotch rope, pulls her satin panties to the side, and shoves his cock deep into her. Nyxon screams, but the more she screams, the deeper he rams his cock into her pussy. The intruder fucks her hard & good for quite some time, and even takes a few orgasms from poor Nyxon before deciding that he's going to keep her. He cums (not shown in video), and then tells her that he's going to transprt her to his home where he's going to turn her into his own personal sex slave