Long Colorful Hair in your Face


Misha Mystique

American / Las Vegas
3:03 min - Apr 27 - .MP4 - 171.90 MB


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I know you love my long colorful hair so I have you sit next to my desk as I'm getting ready to film. I lean forward, letting my silky hair fall across your face. You can feel the smooth strands brushing against your skin with my subtle movements. I lean back, checking something on my computer from a slight distance, giving you a view of my face while I'm working. I lean in close again and you welcome the feeling of my soft hair against your cheeks. You can see my perfect pout through the screen of hair as I slowly run my tongue along my plump red lips. It is apparent that I am enjoying teasing you, even if I am too busy working to speak to you. Shot with my webcam, no talking