My 18th birthday- Finally Legal- Unseen

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2,209 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Feb 23
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Marvelous Madison ORGASMS with such freshness it's almost as if she's never done this she has!!
Excellent authentic female passion on display. Great job and highly recommended.

Darkshane417 - Top reviewer Nov 11
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Such a great video! I love that you thought to share such an incredible moment with us. Great handheld filming to. My absolute favorite filming style.

rl5858 - Top reviewer Oct 31
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Phenomenal video! Thank you soooo much!! Love your work!

peecee2 - Top reviewer Jun 26
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Hand held to really great effect, lots of face and pussy close ups!

gercha24 Jun 26
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Happy Birthday. Your 18 year old pussy is beautiful, I wish I could play with it.

Welcome to finally legal. This was recorded on April 20th 2017. So just 7 days ago. It was the morning of my big 18th birthday and I couldn't help but want to take a video of my young fresh body so I can always remember how hot I was on my 18th ;) you get to see my fingers slide in and out of me. Pussy spreading. All the good stuff ;) I'm so glad I'm finally legal but I'm also just barely legal