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Peepulation - Top reviewer Jul 4
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Good story, good start of the trilogy. Alexis Fawx is acting so great. This whole clip is so fucking hot. The blowjob, the titty fuck... the sound of your horniness. I love the POV-scene, I love the stativ scenes. It´s just so beautiful how you two guys have sex together. The cumshot on her sweet tits is so amazing. Really awesome video!

Warm sun, cool ocean breezes, white sand. That's what I wanted. That's what I deserved. All those wasted years with my husband. I gave him everything he wanted, I was a perfect wife. And what did I get? Fuck if I knew... So I left, just like that, in the middle of the night. I packed a suitcase and headed south. I didn't look back. I wasn't going to waste another second... I had so much fun my first week in Florida. The beach, the parties, the hot guys... I did a pretty good job making up for lost time... And then my idiot son shows up out of nowhere and tries to fuck it up. I can't believe my girlfriend told him where to find me. But it doesn't matter... I told him I'm never going back to his Father. I'm finally free. I don't need rescuing.... ***Starring Alexis Fawx