VR Giantess Bullies VORE+Stuffing Spree


Johnny X Starlight

American / California
12:46 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 1.37 GB


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VR360 1080HD **This is is a VR360 video that can be viewed in a Virtual Reality player on your computer like GoPro VR Player or in a Virtual Reality headset** You find yourself surrounded by lots of members of your tiny freshmen class, helpless in the hands of Giantess bullies Johnny Starlight and Lux Lives. We go through the bunch, one by one, eating the ones we like and stuffing the ones we don't into our pussies and assholes. Of course, we save you for last, after making you watch all of your friends make their way into one of our holes, contemplating which one to shove you into. We hold your tiny body, holding it above our mouths and giving you a taste before deciding we each want to bite off a piece of you