in flight pt 3: butt stuff

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tigerspider deleted - Top reviewer Apr 29
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OMFG, this is so fucking sexy! This is one of the best ass fingering videos I have ever seen. The fact that it is shot in the airplane lavatory gives it a kinky twist that only adds to the excitement. Molli looks great and shows off her amazing derrière as she massages and fingers her butthole. The supersexilicious action is scorching hot and becomes overpowering as she puts two fingers in her ass. Molli seems so turned on as she fervidly works her body. A third finger is inserted and she drives her hand faster and deeper into her gorgeous butt. Good luck lasting the whole seven minutes of this intense bathroom fingerfuck. ;) If you do follow this with the amazing buttplay custom she made for me in her apartment stairwell.

horny on the airplane again, i couldn't resist testing my anal limits in the bathroom. i start with one, then two, then THREE fingers in my tight butt and finger myself to shaky orgasm. (special treat, listen in at the end for an 'in flight' announcement from my plane captain