can i be yours, sir

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Xlife2685 - Top reviewer Jul 23
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Sexy ❤️ hot as hell

i'm an acquaintance of yours who saw your posting online looking for a full time submissive. i'm brand new to all this and i'm super nervous, but i have a crush on you and i really want to be yours! you make me get on my knees on the floor, call you "sir", strip, put clothespins on my nipples, use a wartenberg wheel, and spank myself with my hands and a paddle. i get to use a vibrator, too, but in the end i'm a bit too bratty and get denied an orgasm. you also help me discover how much i love being called a slut :) this clip is SO ADORABLE and i had so much fun making it! being submissive is a real life kink of mine