Imposed Male Orgasm on Phone With Hubby

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A hot blonde is in her room and talking aloud about how she just got home from a wedding. This makes her miss her husband as she is waiting for him to come home from a business trip. She sees he has texted her and is at baggage claim so she calls him on the phone. She tells him all about the wedding and as she does, she props her legs up and starts to gently play with her pussy by stroking her panties. He then asks about his client who they are letting stay there as he broke up with his wife and she is not happy about it at all. She understands that he is a big client, but she is sick of him only loafing around their home and taking all kinds of concoctions which just see him be totally out of it. She then starts to put her hand down her panties and play with her pussy as she is obviously horny. She wants her husband to get home so they can fuck, but he is asking her to check on his client. She says she already did, but will one more time to be nice. When she goes in to check on him she stays on the phone with her husband. It is like she said, he is there, he is just out of it. She sits on the side of the bed where he is and adjusts his robe and she notices his cock is hard. She instinctively grabs a hold of it and starts to give him a handjob careful not to disturb him too much. As she continues to talk to her husband, she starts to long more and more for cock. So, she places her husband on hold and then gets naked, leaving only her high heels on. She then climbs on their guest's cock and starts to ride him, now intent on getting a imposed male orgasm out of him. As she fucks him and he riles around she continues to talk to her husband. As she is fucking that nice cock she figures she can do this more and tells her husband that maybe he can stay longer. She then gets the imposed male orgasm out of him and as he is cumming he starts to get loud with moans. She does a little hand over mouth to silence him and quickly covers her tracks with her husband. She wraps up the phone call with her husband and gathers her clothes up. She now has a thick and messy creampie t clean up and she needs to do it before her husband gets home from the airport. She will be back though, and ready to get more imposed male orgasms out of their pesky house guest. Maybe he will be useful after all. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, Riding, Hand Over Mouth, Fucking While on Phone, Cheating Wife, Horny Wife, Upskirt, Panty Fetish, High Heels, Creampie, Blonde Wife, Blondes