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When I'm in a good mood, I treat my pets and pervs really good. Today is one of those days! ------------ As the live in slave for Sydney, your task today is to clean the house. No problem. As she walks up the stairs, she catches you checking out her muscular legs, her ass, her calves. She's in a great mood today and instead of punishing you for your shameless stares, she decided to reward you instead. She shows off her legs some more so you can get a great look. The she proceeds to measure her calves. You watch in admiration. Sydney's legs are so muscular and amazing. And it gets even better when her pants and shirt come off. What a sight to behold. And what a treat to witness this in person. Not only that, but she's even allowing you to jerk off to her legs and gives you a cum countdown to seal this off with a majestic orgasm for you