Freebie Tuesday

Small penis humiliation SPH lil mina

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Canadian / Las Vegas
245 5.0
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paulsmall - Top reviewer Nov 12
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Loved this video. Only suggestion would be to make one where you acted as an escort, and was digusted by your client. Degrading and humiliating him while you let him fuck you. Still this one was awesome too! Thank you so much MissyX!

Your sis Mina owes you a huge favor so she's going to pay you back now by doing something really taboo... riding her brother! She's just going to get it over with and unzips your pants but it's a shock to her when she sees how small your weiner is!! She tries to NOT make a big deal but you can see the look of disgust and shock in her eyes as she pauses and says she will try her best! She takes off her bra and mounts you... but she can't feel it... is it in yet?? Oh it is in, she just checked. she starts bouncing but it keeps falling out because it's so small... let's just adjust and put it back in... can you feel her? she can't really feel it cuz she's used to fucking big black cocks that really stretch her and fill her up!! Ugh.... she can't believe she has to do this.... let's just get it over with... but it keeps coming out... just keep going... oh... you just came??? She looks down & sees the piddly amount of cum that came out.. she's SO done with you and you disgusting small penis. LOL she's only fucking big black cocks from now on