Freebie Tuesday

Stepsister Dream Walking Face Fuck


Taboo Family Affairs

American / Tampa
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Mom and Dad said, Siblings who share a room should respect each other. If you call face fucking my sister respect lol My sister Kendra likes to go to bed in the nude. Which is fine except we share a room and when she gets hot she dreams on top of the covers. Waking up in the middle of the night to see her tight little body gives me a raging hard-on and makes it difficult to go back goodnight. Last night I had a dream that I woke up saw her on top of the covers again but this time I walk over and put my hard cock in her mouth. Kendra opens her eyes, gives me a grin and takes my dick deep in her throat. She gags and slobbers up and down my shaft making her eyes water. I had no idea my sister was such a great cocksucker and could take me down to my balls. I lay on her bed so I could really face fuck her 19 year old mouth. I grab her head with both hands and pump my cock in and out her mouth making it my fuck hole. I stand up and thrust my dick deep in her throat doing my best to fuck her tonsils. All that pent up frustration pays off when I shoot 3 thick loads across her face and hair. I tell her goodnight and go back to bed. In the morning I wake up thinking what a hot dream it was and but I notice I don't have my usually morning wood. I look to see if Kendra was awake and notice her hair is a mess and her face in covered in dried cum. I don't think this was a dream... Starring: Kendra Lynn & Brad Knight