Pie Stuffing and After-Dinner Weigh-In



American / Hogwarts
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Restaurants with all-you-can eat salad and bread? Oh god, yes. They’re my undoing. One day maybe I’ll be confident enough to set up a camera right at the table and film me gorging myself, asking the waiter for refill after refill…but until that day, I thought this would be the next best thing! First I film a quick pre-dinner clip, baring my chubby but empty tummy and stepping on the scale to show you what I weight when I’m hungry. After stuffing myself on pasta, salad, and breadsticks at the restaurant, I bring home a piece of pie to eat on camera, taking my time and moaning as I savor every last chocolatey bite. Then, after I’m all finished, I show you my full, swollen tummy and weigh myself again…so you can see for yourself just how many pounds of food I ate tonight