Dirty and sweaty socks for you



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Yummy, with sweat soaked up sneakersocks a dream for every footfetishist. When you could call yourself the owner of such a luxurys pair of socks how happy would that make you? Not only worshipping my Goddessfeet in front of a computer only rather you would want having my feet literally in front of your face. This is how you would feel when you be the owner of this pair. I bet my socks and taking a deep sniff of my smell is all you want right now, am i right? You couldnt own anything else in your life that would make you more happy the a piece with the smell of your Goddess. Now i stick those beautyful feet and socks right into your face, those socks are so intensive smelly of the feet of your goddess. What would you do if YOU could call yourself the owner of this smelly pair of socks