Broken Relationships



Austrian / Austria
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So addicted you are after me you cant resist to take that cock onece more into your hand and jerk for me. You are completly crazy after me but nobody will ever blame you because of that. I mean look at me how could you ever say possible no to me? Beautyful, a body that let you melt in my hands,intelligent, successful and completly aware of my effects on you. Wifey could never be on the same step as me. You rather jerk off again, again, and again for me then fucking her. Even you know i dont do any of this this without the intention of using you for my benefits. I think its time that you start to focus only on me anymore. You wife is nothing more then a unneccessary burden anymore. I will give you a extrem nasty but at the same time hot and exciting task that could break your relationship if you are not careful enough