Cheater Turns You Into A Toad



American / Michigan
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ou stayed last night at a beautiful woman's house and had a night of passionate, amazing sex. You wake up in her bed the next morning next to her. She wakes up too and immediately checks her phone in a panic. She tells you that her boyfriend will be here any moment and she needs to get rid of you. You didn't even know she had a boyfriend! She snaps her fingers and your clothes disappear from the bed. She tells you won't be needing them anymore and leans in for a kiss. You start to feel funny and you're burning up inside. You feel yourself start to change. The cheater tells you that she's turning you into a disgusting, ugly toad and makes fun of you while you change. You shrink down awhile she contemplates what she's going to do with you. Once your transformation is complete, you hear a knock at the door. She gets up to let her boyfriend in, leaving you alone as a helpless toad