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Freebie Tuesday

Amazon Carrie Moon humiliates another



Canadian / Ontario
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Amazon Carrie Moon humiliates another small manboy. Amazon Carrie Moon finds yet another small manboy peeping on her in her backyard while in her bikini. She whips this one too on his butt.. then carries him on her back for a pony ride to show him how tiny he is. She makes him kiss her strong biceps and then smothers his face in her bosom. She then carries him around like a and threatens to throw him in the pool.. this all amuses her so much she can't stop laughing. She does a back-to-back height comparison.. then bends over so he can sniff her butt like a . She gets him to lick her boots.. and then uses him as a bench while spanking his butt like a bongo drum. Then she has an idea.. she gets him to crawl while she's still sitting him. She has been so well amused by this intruder that she rewards him by letting him lick her boobs