Tiki Trained - Pete's Part 1

23:32 min - Apr 28 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB

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Pete re-enters and gives Tiki a catchphrase to say when triggered. He also shows Tiki how to put herself into a trance. Tiki removes her sandals and hands them to Pete without knowing why then forgets how to put them back on. Tiki reveals a crush on a big-time Hollywood star and Pete then becomes that star in Tiki's eyes. The movie star thrills Tiki when he compliments her on her green fingernails. Pete returns and has Tiki stand, discovering the carpet feels "itchy and gluey." Pete places Tiki into "invisible bondage." Tiki regrets blurting out that she's extremely tickish. Tiki feels tickling on her sensitive legs whenever Pete talks. Pete freezes and poses Tiki. Pete makes Tiki's extended palms ticklish, then orgasmic. Tiki orgasms from having her palms stroked