Tiki Trained - Mark's Part

31:54 min - Apr 28 - .MP4 - 1.61 GB

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We met super-cute Tiki at the Powershotz studio. We hit it off and she agreed to a training session. Pete introduces and briefly interviews Tiki who looks great in her pink bikini. Tiki admits she doesn't know much about female training. Head Trainer Mark enters and has Tiki watch a flashing strobe machine. Mark uses the light and his voice to place her under his spell. "Amazing...incredible...really powerful" are words Tiki used to describe her experience. Tiki orgasms then climaxes again when Mark touches her shoulder. Tiki thinks she has an interesting new name. Tiki cannot look away from Mark's sparkling crystal. I have discounted this clip because of some heater sounds early in the session