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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Full Coverage." Frisky MILF Leslie is in the mood for some light food play, and she quickly lures her cam operator Marc into the scene when she offers up some strawberries, whipped cream and--of course--her full, round delectable ass for extensive taste-testing. After drizzling, spraying and consuming chocolate sauce and whipped cream off one another's genitalia, this curvy, insatiable hot wife wastes no time in taking her partner's engorged cock reverse-cowgirl and culminates the position with heavy, extended eye and facial contact directly into the camera that viewers simply won't want to miss! Then after spinning to bounce her rotund, ample ass cheeks on his big cock some more, Leslie remains in the "face-down, ass-up" position to allow sperm source to squat on her--actually sitting on her ass and hips like furniture while stroking off a voluminous, hefty bulk of cum all over both ass cheeks, with a large, final dollop running directly down her upturned ass crack. Lovers of big loads and post-climax cum play will adore this "big finish!&quot