Freebie Tuesday

420 Open Road Public Masturbation



American / USA
11:49 min - Apr 29 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB


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Love much fun. :)

feat. @luxLiv3s and @MissJaneJudge Lux, Jane, and Jay have been traveling for miles and miles we are long overdue for a little smoke break. Jay starts by lighting a joint for her favorite girls, as they pass the joint around the small car the girls get hotter and hotter. They start to undress, expecting to cool off, but that just turns the heat up. Neither Lux or Jane were wearing bras, and they were all getting frisky....maybe they'd been on the road without cock for too long. Jay can feel her mess soaking her panties between each hit, and she is sure the other girls are just as messy. She reaches down to check Lux, and finds that she is right! Jane was messy too, they finish stripping down. When they are fully nude on the side of the interstate, Jane pulls out a toy! This time not one for smoking. It's a HUGE dildo, she's gotten so hot and bothered she's going to fuck herself right there! After they all take turns sucking off Janes cock to make sure it was wet for her, Lux and Jay open their legs with an even bigger mess than before. Jay wants to fuck herself with something too, and gets really creative with.... Oh! Is someone pulling up! Hurry! Cum fast! Cover up! Filmed by EliSmut