Therapist Lacie Seduces


Lacie James

American / Los Angeles
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I feel like we've been working through a lot of things and you're doing really well. Your obsession with sex is something I knew you could manage. Have you been able to avoid temptations? A man like you doesnt need those distractions. I guess since you're doing so well our sessions will be coming to an end.'s getting a little hot in here don't you think. Well i'm going to miss you as my patient and I knew I could help you. You know I'm going to miss you trusting me withh all your thoughts and i dont know if i'm ready to let you go. Oh yes it's ok to stare at my big round breasts. Are you struggling to resist? Stare at them and see how perfect they are. I'm going to count down from 5. When I get to one you are going to completely give in. You are ready to give up are you and you are going to need to keep coming back to see me arn't you? Let me heal you. It will feel so good for me to heal you. You need me and I make you feel so weak. Now I'm going to count back down to 1 and you will not remember any of this and you will feel the need to continue to return to me for future sessions