Blue Toes and Oily Soles



American / MA, USA
11:21 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 1.9 GB


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I know what you foot pervs want - and most of you are awesome, so I say that with love. You want my plump, juicy, size 7 and a half soles free from shoes, in your face and bare naked...and I’m going to give that to you, and make thingS extra slippery as a bonus.  I don’t need to say a single feet do all the talking for me! :)   Watch me wiggle my cute toes, scrunch my soles, cross my ankles and just chill out for a few minutes, up close and as personal as you can be without actually being there! Then, at exactly 4:30 into the clip - WHAM! Both my soles in your face in a lovely side, "stacked" pose. That’s right, FOCUS ON MY FEET. It’s okay, no one else will know...escape from the stress of the day and enjoy as I make a “foot pussy” with my feet, as if they were about to give you a footjob.  Around 6 minutes in, I break out my matching blue towel with my sexy blue leggings. The baby oil I brought drips on my feet like gentle raindrops. I wrinkle and scrunch and you just lose yourself in the wonderful sight of my beautiful soles and toes. Since no one was here to rub the oil in, I work it in myself, crossing my feet at my ankles, with a lot of scrunching and wiggling...ooh, I love how the baby oil feels, and I know you do too; near the end of the clip, I put my sexy legging-covered ass into view! Then it’s more toe wiggling close up as my soles massage each other, and for a grand finale, I wrinkle, scrunch, flex and wiggle until you blow your covers