Skittles Toes GIantess



American / MA, USA
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I’m a gentle sole at heart, and I legitimately don’t like to be mean. But, if there ever is such a thing as a kind giantess, that, I can be. In this clip, I’m wearing my trademark look - Puma Socks, a pair of Chucks, and I notice you after a long day at my job....except, you’re a mosquito, and I’m going to squash you, but not before I let you have one of the most enjoyable endings a bug like you could hope for!  I smell my own shoes and socks because it turns me on. You little lucky bugger, you get to see this before I notice you on the floor! Since many of you on Instagram think I have a sexy, pleasant voice, this is one of my rarer clips in that I actually talk to you as the bug, shifting the camera into a giantess point of view as I squash you in my pretty pink and white Puma Socks.  Take a big whiff, buddy....Inhale as I stomp and squash you! I peel off my sock to reveal one of my Sweaty Skittle feet and playfully tease you with my soles. I allow you to sniff my other sock as I quickly peel it off...Good boy, INHALE! Admire my soles as I playfully, sweetly address you. Man, my socks stink! Take a whiff of my heel, and travel up my beautiful buttery-soft bare soles. My feet are above and I tease you as you lie below some more until finally, I silence you with my plump juicy piggies