Yuno Gasai Uses Sex to Manipulate You

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Kailey Ketchum

American / California
1,322 5.0
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raywelch Jul 12 2017
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This is part two of the story but it is just as entertaining as the first part of the story. Again there was a lot of time and planning into this with the different camera angles and positions with some additions of being cummed on and annotations of what Yukki/you are thinking/said. I can't say this enough but I can tell she enjoys what she is doing and highly recommend her content.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Jun 7 2017
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So incredibly hot ;)

This is Episode 2 of my Yuno Gasai Series. If you want the full Series See "Yuno Gasai Loses Her Virginity." That is Episode 1 =) In Episode 2, you start to see more of Yuno's crazy side. She really wants you to make her your girlfriend and she'll do anything to convince you. Since you popped her cherry, she's been watching porn and studying up new ways she can please you. She'll do anything to convince you she's the girl for you. She sucks your dick for the first time, taking it as deep and she can. She up at you and smiles so whenever you look into her eyes, you think of the intense pleasure she's willing to give you at the snap of your fingers. As she runs her tongue up and down your cock, her nefarious plan motivates her to act sluttier and sluttier for you so she can convince you to make her yours. After getting your cock wet, she bends over and takes your cock, this time much harder than your first sexual encounter. You can't help but get into it, your cock surging with pleasure and she rides you. This time she takes your cock all the way, as deep as you can give it to her, while she begs for more. You finish all over her and she smiles and giggles like she's been taking cock for years. She seems all too happy to have your cum so close to her little pussy. This video uses the fuck machine again as "Yukki," just like I did in Episode 1. This episode though, Yuno seems so much more experienced. There is a whole lot of dirty talk and begging for cock