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Emo Guy Teases Hole with Dildos

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935 5.0
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You’re a gorgeous boy. So glad I found you. Love your pale skin, dark hair and beautiful smile. And that hole!

domthestud May 5 2017

I love how loose your hole got for that one!

oph9yee4 deleted - Top reviewer Jan 1
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You are so sweet and pretty. Beautiful hole and cock. Knows how to entertain. Sexy as fuck.

domthestud May 25 2017
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That ass is so nice and the dildo play is hot! Definitely worth buying

Danny the Emo Camboy is making a custom video and has been asked to tease his hole with some hot dildos, including a failed vibrating dildo clone (ran out of mixture). He starts by jerking his big dick until hard, and tries to lick the tip of it. He's not yet been able to self-suck but one day hopes to give it some real practice to show to all his fans. He then begins to finger his asshole, ready for dildos. He gets many fingers in, to stretch his ass for dildo. Beginning with the smallest dildo, he begins to stretch and tease his asshole. He moves up to his larger double-ended dildo and sucks the end like a blowjob, before shoving that in his asshole too. Now it's time to try and use the dildo clone vibrator, so Danny can experience what it is like for other guys getting fucked by his big dick. He keeps using it, both vibrating and not vibrating, taking it out to cope with how sensitive his asshole is, before trying penetration with more fingers from two hands. He continues jerking his hard dick, and takes a little ride up and down on the dildo too - before finishing the video with a close up of it in his asshole. Excuse any brief periods of talking :P Danny made this custom video for a good online friend of his >&lt