KittyKaiti FUCKED Facial + She Squirts


Tia Tizzianni

American / Chicago, IL
8:01 min - Apr 29 - .WMV - 518.22 MB - 960x720 HD


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The stunning International Porno Starlet TS KittyKaiti is dressed in a super hot Maroon Latex French Maids outfit. She is FUCKED with her PUSSY in the air. FUCKED HARD DEEP and BAREBACK. At the end of her FUCK session her man gets so turned on he is ready to CUM. Kaiti holds him off until she can get her mouth around his COCK as she is addicted to his CUM. Watch this huge FACIAL and SQUIRTING into her mouth. Kaiti gets do turned on she SQUIRTS all over. Watch how high her CUM shoots. Two hot CUMSHOTS in the same FUCK SESSION. ~ transformation and direction by Tia Tizzianni