Sex with the Ex gone wrong



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Uh oh! what have you gotten yourself into now! Looks like you booty-called your Ex girlfriend Smiley, on a business trip. The Only problem is..... YOU ARE MARRIED! You wake up the next morning to Smiley laying next to you, awake and watching you with an evil grin on her face. You look alittle closer and realize she is wearing your work shirt and holding the hotel phone.... This can't be good. Smiley goes on to tell you how amazing you were last night.... and that she may or may not have been snooping through your phone. Smiley found your wife's number and figured this would be a perfect opportunity to screw you over. What if your wife was to get a call from a hotel phone??? What if she received a photo of smiley wearing your work shirt in a hotel??? Your wife would divorce you, move away or even worse... kick YOU out. You don't want to go home to an empty house right? It's a pretty simple decision. You can always make more money, but can your wife forgive you for fucking your hot young ex? Smiley informs you that if you don't empty your bank account right now, she will ruin your life. She was so sweet and comforting last night, but today she's a greedy little bitch. She isn't playing around. You can see your wife's number typed out on her phone, ready to call. Your adrenaline is raising.....You have to make an impulse decision..... Should you give her all your money