Belly Button & Navel Worship and Licking


Fifi Foxx

American / Florida
10:14 min - Apr 29 - .MP4 - 449.68 MB


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Fifi is having a sleepover with her best friend, Whitney. When the girls start chit chatting, Fifi tells Whitney about her new date, and how she thinks he wants to do some "extra" stuff with her. "You" Whitney says smiling. Fifi admits that she's a little nervous considering that she's never had an orgasm before. "Me neither," Whitney tells her, and the girls agree they are really curious. "I heard...I heard this crazy thing," Fifi starts telling Whitney, "and I thought maybe we could try it." She says that she's heard that you can get sensations from your belly. "I heard that, too! But I was like 'no way.' Do you really think?" Whitney responds. They talk about the g spot and how your belly button is supposed to be super close to the outside of it. "And if you play with your belly button enough, you can orgasm," Whitney says smiling. They agree to try it on one another to experience their first orgasm. Whitney worships Fifi's belly first, swirling her fingers around her navel, plunging and flicking her tongue deep into her hole, and licking and fingering her belly button. After an overwhelming orgasm, Fifi returns the favor and worships Whitney's gorgeous belly button. She runs her warm, wet tongue across Whitney's navel, and Whitney squirms with pleasure. Whitney squeezes the pillow as Fifi plunges and flicks her tongue into her gorgeous hole. After she's gotten off to all the crazy belly sensations, the girls agree to do it again in the future