Loser stays Loser


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Have you ever asked yourself why you are who you are? Why you have those deep craving to give yourself fully into the hands of a beautyful Goddess like iam? Why you only get hard anymore watching loserporn? Why you even spend so much money for it? Just for the sake of a young, hot and bratty Goddess like iam to tell you where you belonge, that hum iliates you and use and ab use you? The answer is easy. You were born as a loser and you will be one forever and there is no running away from it. You cant run away from your own destiny. Nobody can do that. Your destiny is crawl in front of the feet of a goddess anf to do everything thats possible to make her happy and please her. You only way to give your life purpose is to fully surrender. To only live for your Goddess. What would there better then only living for your goddess? Right nothing