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875 5.0
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jimbalaya - Top reviewer Aug 11
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This is probably my favorite Amber video. It’s always fun to watch Amber cum, but this is an outstanding example punctuated by her being very talkative! She starts out pretty much nude, her big, full tits exposed and her fingers exploring her already wet pussy. She has her legs raised and spread wide in a “V” shape and is lying back so that her pussy and tight, little asshole are right in your face.

Soon, she reaches for a large, black dildo. As she pushes it into her cunt, her plump, red lips form a tight “O” as she inhales sharply, letting you know this is a tight fit. In what must be one of the hottest moves on video since Khaleesi emerged from a burning funeral pyre with three dragons (Game of Thrones reference), Amber quickly snaps her legs straight up and back, probably making her pussy grip the black silicone even tighter as she grabs it with two hands and continues pumping it into her cunt. This gives you a terrific view of her pussy being fucked and her lovely asshole. What’s great about the dildo is it shows her wetness really well, you can clearly see it as it shines on the dildo like oil on an engine piston.

Rarely one to be satisfied with a single toy, our heroine reaches for one of her trusty vibrators and begins to go to work on her clit while continuing to fuck herself with the dildo. This is really hot to watch because there’s a lot of hip movement and again she brings her legs straight up into the “V” position, which gives you a great view of, well, everything! Especially her nice, round ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhh, come on, make me cum,” Amber says. I’m pretty sure this is where the title comes from. She continues with, “Fuck me till I cum all over your cock,” all the while just drilling away on that pussy. Then she settles into a position where she brings her legs back bent at the knees, elevating her feet a bit above the camera. As a foot fan, I couldn’t have been more excited. Nice views of both her feet, soles and arches. I found myself torn between her pretty feet and the main action. She reminded me of the goal of the session though, saying that she was getting close.

I love when girls do a play-by-play of their orgasms, and this is a textbook example. Or sextbook. Her face an image of pure ecstasy, legs pulled back, tits bouncing well above the arms struggling to reign them in, lovely, perfect feet dangling in mid-air, Amber plunges the dildo again and again into her dripping hole until…”OH fuck I’m gonna cum all over that cock!” This precedes one of the best orgasms captured on my extremely hard drive. Her breathing and moaning get quicker and louder, she pulls her legs back even further, and you can very clearly see her asshole squeezing shut over and over as her orgasm slams into her in waves and she keeps up her dual assault on her clit and vagina. It is truly a masterful performance!

Her pussy is still quivering as she pulls the slick dildo out of it’s comfortable recent home and pumps it deep into her mouth before licking her juices from it’s sides. A final little wave of her pretty toes and a few seconds of exploring her well fucked and happy pussy with her fingers, and Amber lets out a long sigh. Well done!

A short session with my "Mr T" dildo ending in a satisfying cum
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