Schoolgirl Snatched


Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
24:37 min - May 01 - .MOV - 1.46 GB


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I come round, tied to a chair in a room I've never seen before! I'm still in my school uniform complete with tan pantyhose, but I'm terrified of course, and immediately start to try to figure out a way to get free. My kidnapper's still around though, and comes back in to find me calling for help. That, of course, is a thing he won't tolerate, and he soon stuffs my mouth with rags before cleave-gagging me AND tying a scarf on top to make it totally impossible to call for help! Before he does so though, he makes me call my rich uncle for a ransom, and he photographs me as evidence. Once he leaves, I try to be calm. From looking around the room a little further, I see ocean outside and guess that we must be on an island cos I can see cars on a highway on the opposite shore. So if I can only escape the tight ropes, maybe I can really make a break for it