Bringing Home A Fuck Friend *Part 2

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Dear Diary, I hope you don't think i've forgotten about telling you the rest of the story! So I left off at Daddy joining us in bed which by the way was set up in advance ... well without her knowing of course. Ohk so! Daddy joined us in bed and started rubbing up on Amor, when I felt his signal I "woke up" and played it off like I didn't know why he wa there and bleh bleh bleh so finally Amor wakes up kindof shocked my Dad was rubbing her naked body. Amor was shocked but not shocked enough to freak out. I kindof think she's wanted Daddy for some time also. One thing lead to another and we were both sucking Daddys cock! Like together! It got me so wet I had to sit on that throbbing hard cock and when I did Amor made Daddys mouth her new seat! We took turns sharing from there on out, and I even watched and got myself off while watching Daddy really work her tight young pussy over real good. Oh I saved the best for last Diary! Daddys gave Amor a creampie and of course when I saw I knew that was my cue to clean all of Daddys hot cum out of her! Needless to say Amor, Daddy and I had a lot of fun! Oh and I even feel better now. No more cough. Daddys cum turned out to be the best kind of home remedy