Riding Cock Is My Cardio

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Dear Diary, I decided today to start going to the gym. The only thing is when I went I didn't really have the motivation to actually workout so I went back home. Well, mainly because the only thing I did have on my mind was sex. When I got home no one but my little brother was home. Loki was napping in the living room so I had to wake him up. I wanted to fuck and I didn't care who it was or where it was as long as I cum. I was sucking his cock and when it started throbbing I couldn't take it anymore, I had to have him inside me! I started riding him, switching positions every so often until we got in doggy. MY GOSH! Loki was fucking me so hard I couldn't help but cum all over him, he said it felt so good it made him explode a huge load all over my big booty. I came so damn hard I had to just lay down face down! Until Daddy came home. Ill just save that for another day though