Mom Found Your Journal


Bettie Bondage

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You've always been into writing, every since you were young. You'd write fantasy stories about dragons and damsels and battles and war. Since you hit puberty, though, you've used your writing to explore much different fantasies. Most of these feature family relations, specifically the idea of you bedding your mother! You aren't really sure where it came from, except maybe for the fact that your own mom is a total smoke-show. She's young, gorgeous, and flirtatious with all your friends. Sometimes it feels like she's flirting with you, too. But that can't be. Can it? Either way, the mere thought of her flirting with you is enough to fuel numerous story lines involving her round ass and her inviting, soft cleavage that she displays so readily. The other day you came home from class early to find your mother snooping in your room. Where your journal is. Not wanting to scare her and make her think its anything to be concerned about, you kept quiet, watching her as she pulled out the lube you use to jerk off, the dirty panties your girlfriend left over last weekend. Seeing her touch such sexual items has your cock twitching and hardening in your pants. As she pulls your journal out, you fight the urge to jump in and the urge to take out your cock and watch her face for a reaction to your taboo narratives. Much to your surprise, your mother seems enthralled as she flips though, stopping to read a page here or there. Checking the clock for the time, she lays back on your bed and lets her hand wander down between her thighs. You can't believe it! Your mother is rubbing one out to dirty stories you wrote, about fucking her! It's a dream come true. You can't fight the urge anymore, stepping in and standing at the end of the bed as she keeps rubbing and frigging herself. As she comes to from a powerful orgasm, she sees you standing there at the end of the bed. This is probably awkward for her, but you're loving it. She's vulnerable and wet and exposed, and you've never been so turned on. You think it's time for a discussion about your obvious shared interests