Cheerleader Finger Fuck

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4,031 5.0
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MikkyG59 May 4 2017

I love this clip Lilcanadiangirl.  You're having an orgasm at least once.

Exotic_boy - Top reviewer Oct 22
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What you may see in the video is fingering in front of the mirror. But she do it in such amazing way!!!
I really like it :)

Porfi01 - Top reviewer Aug 5
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Save the Cheerleader, Save the world!!! amazing!!!

shimipan_oni - Top reviewer May 21 2017
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She is great at using the mirror in this one, giving the best angles while teasing before fingerfucking herself. Her little sniff of her panties when taking them off and kissing herself in the mirror are just amazing.

joebu1 May 4 2017
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Awesome video! She uses the mirror to its full potential. You'll want to cum before she gets her panties off, but hold off if you can, because it only gets hotter!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Apr 30 2017
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Damn...amazing video from beginning to end. A hot cheerleader that makes out with herself in the mirror and feels herself up. What an awesome concept. Plus her mic is the best. Picked up the kiss sounds and panty snaps really well. :3

David1125 - Top reviewer Jan 7
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I loved this - I don't think I've ever seen CanadianGirl simulate kissing before. But it was hot, as you can visualize what she's like when she's making out. A major turn on! Followed by rubbing and fingering with a final smooch in the end. Nice touch!

bennyrez - Top reviewer Sep 2
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Wow, this girl is so hot, love the cheerleader outfit, totally yummy babe. More cheerleader please x

alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 12
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lilcanadiangirl kissing herself in the mirror is probably the hottest thing I have ever seen!

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She likes to lick hey juice!! naughty!!

coley3334 deleted Jul 16
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Beautiful girl - Perfect vid in every way possible!

Brushing my hair, making sure I look good before the game.. But I cant help but kiss myself in the mirror. I start to touch myself and take my panties off. My pussy wants my fingers in it soo bad. I orgasm and lick my fingers clean