Stressed Out Transformation 2 She-Hulk

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humpdaypumper May 9 2017

Very interesting can't wait to see if the she hulk can cum really hard to release the anger

A sexy blonde is sitting on her couch when she gets a text from her boyfriend. He tells her to call him so she does. They start to talk and she lets him know she did not get the tickets she was going to get and he then drops a bombshell on her and tells her good as he is breaking up with her. Before she can respond he hangs the phone up on her. She stands up and is ticked off. She starts to talk out loud at how she is angry and how she wasted so much time on that loser. He was so distant saying he was hanging out with friends, but she knows it was another woman. She is now stressed beyond belief and her heart starts to pound. Suddenly, and without warning, she starts to grow. Her pant legs move quickly up her legs as do her long sleeves up her arms and she realizes that the transformation into the monster is taking place. She tries to calm herself and then remembers she can take something to stop this, but she thinks that it might be in the kitchen. She rushes into the kitchen to look and can't find the only thing that can stop the transformation at this point. Then, in a close up view, her pant button pops and her shirt shrinks up more exposing her tummy. She frantically tries to remember where the help might be so she rushes into her bedroom to look. By the time she gets to the bedroom she is no longer able to stand. She collapses and starts breathing really heavily. She knows there is no stopping the monster inside her now and she gives in. Her shirt buttons are shown close up popping and her shirt then rips and tears in a multitude of places. Finally her shirt rips in half. Her pants then fall off due to her growth leaving her in a bra and thong panties only. She starts to flex and her bicep muscle expands and gets huge. She continues to grow into the monster and that sees her bra rip and pop off. Now her body is shown from multiple angles and each angle shows the same thing, which is her skin turning a brilliant emerald green. The She-Hulk is taking over and she is not trying to fight it any longer. Her growth continues and her panties pop off. She is now naked and in full She-Hulk mode. Angrier than before the transformation, she talks about how she will get her retribution on her now ex-boyfriend. She will take over the whole town and talks about how her boobs are big enough now to demolish him with. He will be sorry and she says out loud that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned while pounding her fist into her hand. The transformation is complete and the She-Hulk is now out for some payback. Included in this clip: Transformation Fantasies, Transformation Fetish, Growth Fetish, Monster, She-Hulk, Green Skin, Flexing, Muscle Posing, Fantasy, Clothes Destruction, Clothes Ripping, Bra & Panties, Thong, Bra, Blondes