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You knew it from the beginning that that money is at the wrong place. It shouldt be in your bankaccount it should be in MY hands. Where it belongs to. That money that you work so hard for is ony there to make ME happy. Aint i right loser? Ther is no better feeling for you then the possebility to make ME happy. Besides your money you dont have anything that i want. Nothing that you could offer me to please me. Iam way out of your reach and still you want exist and be a part of MY life. To have a use and a reason why you should be a part in my life. That money lays right now completly unused and bored in your account. Its waiting, waiting to be in my hands, close to me, closer then you ever could be. Lets be honest to each other. I know it better how that money is best invested. Listen to my voice and just jerk it, jerk it and jerk it. Be seduced and ready to accomplish todays task. You will send it. All of it. To where it belongs to