Ella's Facial

702 5.0
702 5.0
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JAHMON - Top reviewer May 17 2017
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OMFG!!!!!...... "Ella"!!!! Never in my life have I ever been "scared" You scare me! But in the good way. I don't know if I'd last 40.sec before my volcano would Erupt!!! Prematurely. You like ol boy in the movie "Taken". You have a Particular set of skills. That very few do. You are Amazing!....... I'll spend the next x amount of yrs fantasizing...... Bout how dem magical lips and mouth of yours feel. You Ms lady are "1" of a kind. I had to watch this 4times back to back just to make sure this a real vid. No special effects! Lmao... No B.S. You in a league All by yo MF self!! Can't wait to see more...... WOW!!! Smh

Sloppy Toppy with Facial