Nikki meets sexy GILF Lacey Starr

7,816 4.8

Nikki Vidic

Slovenian / Slovenia
7,816 4.8
20:15 min - Apr 30 - .MP4 - 1.34 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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It would be nice to see her taking her top dentures out for a bj like she did in a video before. Would she?

shingler - Top reviewer Apr 30 2017
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Trannies and Grannies. This is not only hot, but it's a little groundbreaking. It's not often you find a hardcore pairing of a transgender girl and a true grandmotherly type. Grandma Lacey is built for comfort and seems to enjoy the ride. She's also easy on the eyes. Nikki Vidic is a truly beautiful trans-woman whose star will shine for a long time. Nikki's videos are well shot in HD and sold at a nice price. Nikki is also featured in a scene at Sash De Sade's site. Keep them coming, beautiful lady!

Tresidential - Top reviewer Apr 19
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You tore her ass UP!!! and look sooooo hot doing it! Granny took it like a champ, and gives it pretty good too. Nikki rams that asshole with a passion with those perfect tits bouncing around. Her lovely pink rod is a weapon. I'd be their buttbuddy anyday...but probably couldn't sit after the pounding Ms.Vidic delivered in this one!

Dogordie Jul 16
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Such a hot video, they both looked like they genuinely had a great time, both incredibly sexy, thanks for making this epic video, more please

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This is a very sexy video. Nikki and Lacey have such great chemistry. Nikki ends it with a good cumshot as usual

lewis7592 deleted - Top reviewer May 5 2017
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Very sexy video

When Lacey got in touch with me to shoot a scene with her, I was ecstatic! Who doesn't love a sexy GILF with massive tits? Not being able to say no to the offer, I found myself at her place, already making out with her and sucking onto her luscious, huge boobs. That instantly made me hard, so she went down onto my willing cock and aced her oral exam. I couldn't contain myself anymore and just had to have my way with her. I pushed my cock deep into her willing, dripping pussy, and banged away in different positions. But that wasn't enough for me - I had to feel her ass around my cock, as well. I decided to take her there and then, pushing my dick deep down her ass, and it felt FANTASTIC! I almost came a few times in her backdoor. Lacey decided to have some fun with my ass, as well, so she put my favourite large black dildo onto her strap-on and fucked my ass silly. My balls were about to explode with all that excitement, so I had to relieve myself with Lacey tasting all that cum I spurted. Enjoy the video